Good instant messaging sounds are quite rare and I often dislike the default ones, so I searched for alternatives and found three which I want to share with you.

They were created for Adium, but I’ve converted them to MP3 and WAV so you should be able to use them with any instant messenger.

Let’s start with the first one: Visions I

“The first in the new Vision series of IM sound sets. This is a project started to bring simple, elegant yet practical IM notifications to the Adium platform.”

by Jamie Soar / CC BY-ND 3.0
Download MP3: Visions i.AdiumSoundsetMP3
Download WAV: Visions i.AdiumSoundsetWAV
Download Original: http://www.adiumxtras.com/download/7612


The second: SuperMarioWorld

“a soundset from the super nintendo game, super mario world. a complete set with a slim default set, but also comes with additional sounds for extra customisation. matches my dock icon set. enjoy!!”

Credits: original sounds by nintendo. edited and prepared for adium by aaron j hoffmann

Download MP3: SuperMarioWorld.AdiumSoundsetMP3
Download WAV: SuperMarioWorld.AdiumSoundsetWAV
Download Original: http://www.adiumxtras.com/download/382


The third: Tokyo Train Station

“Tokyo Train Station is a remake of Electric Dream, designed for users who enjoy the simplicity of Electric Dream but dislike its dreamy and uncanny capability of lulling them to sleep.

This is a collection of 5 mutated synthesizer runs for the following events: Buddy LogOn, Buddy LogOff, New Message Received, Message Sent, Message Received.

Credits: All sounds created by Dominik Dimaano

Download MP3: TokyoTrainStation.AdiumSoundsetMP3
Download WAV: TokyoTrainStation.AdiumSoundsetWAV
Download Original: http://www.adiumxtras.com/download/602


I’ve used fre:ac to convert the original sound files.
You can download it for free at http://www.freac.org/